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In the late 1990's three San Francisco based web designers thought of having the capacity to share data or information about anything on the web. The wording they utilized was called blog. It's utilization was viewed as a blend of page/individual diary. It's unique utilization was immense and wide, however an ever increasing number of individuals came to utilize them as an individual tool that is accessible anyplace the Web is. - A Free Blogging Platform

The three friends would eventually create one of the largest blogger sites on the Internet today. Blogger, which stands for Web Logger, has increased in popularity over the past thirteen years. There has been so much interest in what capabilities it holds purchased them. Eventually, Google assimilated their technologies and imported them into the popular plug-in, The Google Toolbar. allows a user to create a User Id. Depending on the User Id and password the user creates a specialized link namely "". This space can be saved as a bookmark and published to the public or through a distribution list to a select few people. Your site is logged as a "webring" type of atmosphere, should you decide to take the information public. You can see all users who have published blogs and even enter in information on the blogs should they let you. Discussion groups and personal files are housed all within this environment making it a fun place to surf about and learn about different people and things.

You can create a private discussion group and send out information via email to let people know when content or a thread has changed. Blog is like a portal for individuals, instead of business. There are many robust features involved to keep your blog private should you not want to share information publicly. Its interface even includes a word processing editor so you can format the background and font all from one simple location. The ideas are simple; you can share information around the world without having to let everyone on the Internet community know your blog exists.

The need for an individual online portal or "blog" has impressive potential, as the Web keeps on advancing.

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