Use Hashtag on facebook

# hashtag on facebook

This article is intended for those facebook users who are still not sure of the use of hashtag on facebook. Since the day facebook has introduced this brand new feature for its users, people around the world (including you) are searching for the in depth information about use of hashtags in facebook status.
use hashtag
Use of hashtag on facebook

Those facebook users, who also appear on other social sites, may have understood its use. But a good number of young users are who do not use twitter or other sites are still in confusion. However, at the end of this post you’ll be completely understand its use and many other features.

Hashtag: A short introduction

When we put the symbol ‘#’ before a word or phrase, it becomes a hashtag.
For example: #DemocracyIsAlive , #Uttarakhand disaster #relief work has been interrupted by #rain.

Read more about it here.

How to use hashtag on facebook?

Whenever you post your next status update on facebook, use the symbol ‘#’ before the word or phrase you want to highlight. Once you use the symbol, the word will automatically turn light blue and a url will be created for the same. If somebody clicks on that word or phrase anywhere on the earth, your status update will appear in the search result.

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