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In this article, as the title itself suggests, I'm going to discuss why you need to blog. I'm going to begin it with the assumption that you know nothing about blogging and its importance. I'm sure that even if you know a little about these things (or you are a veteran), this article will bring a valuable reading experience. This article should provide you enough material and information to begin and drive desired traffic to your blog, whether you are a new blogger or a competitive blogger.

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We’ve all heard about “blogs”, but what are the real benefits and why should we dedicate so much time to maintaining one?

Well, blogging can actually serve more functions than what appears initially.

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Blogging requires creativity, hard work and determination to share your thoughts and ideas and prove your expertise in the field or topic you choose. 

According to a top rank blogger, these are the top 10 reasons to start a blog:

1.To Express Your Thoughts And Opinions
If you have to say or express something, a blog in the blogosphere provides a place to do that.

2. To Market Or Promote Something

If you have to market or promote yourself or your business, product or service, blogging is the best way in which you can do that.

3. To Help People
Many bloggers write their blogs to help people who may be experiencing the same problem. Many teaching and health-related blogs are the living examples.

4.To Establish Yourself As An Expert
Blogging provides a place for you to prove your expertise and expand your online presence to the world. Blogs are wonderful tools to establish yourself as an expert in a field or topic.

5. To Connect With People Like You
Blogging helps you mess up with the like-minded people. With the help of a blog you can find those people and share your opinions and thoughts.

6. To Make A Difference
Blogs can be issue based. Many blogs try to provide information and sway people's mind into a certain direction. Many political blogs and social issues based blogs are written by bloggers to make a difference.

7. Stay Active or Knowledgeable in a Field or Topic
It is universally known that if you want to be a successful blogger, your success is partially dependent on the frequency of posting, providing fresh and updated information. So blogging is the best way to stay updated of the events in your field or topic.

8. To Stay Connected With Friends And Family
Blogging is a way for you to stay connected and remain updated with your friends relatives and family members by sharing stories, photos and videos.

9. To Make Money
It is important to point out that most bloggers don't make a lot of money by blogging but you can generate revenue from your blog with your hard work and commitment. There are many bloggers around the world who are making a lot of money with their blog.

10. To Have Fun And Be Creative
Many people get to blogging for fun and creativity. The most famous and interesting blogs were written just for fun. You can share your passion through your blog. Suppose you love dancing or singing, your can share your passion for that through your blog.

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