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Best Way To Make Money Online For Schools

Today I'm going to share the best way to make easy money online for those people who run schools/high schools.

One day I was visiting a website under the keyword make online money and suddenly came across a banner saying, "Never depend on a single income, make investment to create another". Here I would like to make it clear that the way I'm just going to share with you does not require any investment; it's totally free!

If you are running a school and maintaining various records every year, you can surely earn money online without making any investment. Schools have a large number of students and related guardians and here come a brand new way to earn money online for them.

How can schools earn money?

My ideas (Suggestions)

It is needless to mention that blogger is a free platform to fulfill your desire of blogging and blogging is the best platform if you are looking forward to earn online money.
 A school simply needs to either create a blog on blogger or get a self hosted blog.

What will they blog about?
A school has various things to report about. It has many things to display and of course many things to share. I would like to make a list below:

1. A school has many notices to give every month or year.
2. They can update their blog with upcoming events.

3. They can post their weekly/monthly/formative/summative test result.

4. They can post the answers given by the topper of each class in various tests.

5. They can encourage their students to write an article on different issues and get noticed on the blog of the school. It will create a sense of competitiveness among the students and on the other hand the school will always have some content ready to post.

6. They can post the masterpiece of artwork and drawing made by students.

7. They can post word of encouragement for students who perform well in a particular class, activity, test or programme.

There are various other import things that you can think of, if got any please leave in comment.

How will the blog earn money?

Once the school creates it's blog, it needs some sort of search engine optimization. There are various sites and blogs available on the internet that you can visit and learn how to make your blog search engine friendly and of course you can do that yourself without any problem and cost.

The blog needs to keep updated regularly. Students of the school must be given the idea of the blog and ask them to subscribe to blog posts.
Once the students of the school will come to know about the blog of the school they will surely subscribe to the updates and will visit the blog daily to to keep themselves updated with the latest news and gossip about the school. In this way the blog will start getting an increasing number of visitors and subscribers.

It is a well established fact that students have deep emotional attachment with the school. They will perhaps keep the blog visiting the blog long after they leave the school.

Now the blog is ready to fetch money. Apply for ad networks (Ad sense, Clicksor, Adbrite)  and host their ads on your blog to earn cash online.

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